How can I feel better about myself?

I have been depressed for a long time now and my grades have been sliping because of it. Also I cant by a day without thinking of shooting myself. Have any ideas how I feel better

Answer #1

It really depends on why you are feeling like this , low self acceptance, peer presure, family issues, trouble in school, being bullied. Those are all examples of why people get depressed and have suicidle feelings. What you need to do is tarket your reason for causing you to feel this way and have those thoughts then work to solve the issue. Maybe you could tell someone about how you are feeling, try talking to a close friend or even a close family member. If you do not think that they will understand try going to a therapist. Therapists are there to help you and to understand what you are going through, they are not judgemental and will give you the best advice. I am hoping to become a therapist when I get older and trust me if you were to come to me asking for help I would make sure you left feeling way better than when you came in. If you really feel like shooting yourself or harming yourself in anyway please tell someone, believe it or not but even when you think everything in life is horrible there will always be something to smile about even if it is something as small as the sun coming up in the morning. As for your grades, I know exactly how you feel , my grades are going down a terrible amount because of the lack of help I get at school it is a very stressful situation but I have applied to a boarding school so I can get help. Maybe you can apply to one to or try a tutor. Goodluck and please be safe.

Don’t forget to smile, its a natural way to make yourself feel better.

Answer #2

Awh I now how you feel from the time I was 10 to like 3 months ago I was suicidle my mom sent me to a hospital and I stayed there for a week because I was cutting my self so just be your self dont care what other people think and letout your inner self

                             hope this helps!
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