How can I decorate my new room???

hey I am moving house soon and I want to decorate my room. I really like bright colours but the carpet is proberly going to be royal blue(dark blue) and I dont know which colours would look ok with the carpet. by the way I am a girl and I am 13. so got any ideas??

Answer #1

you have to pick a theme. If you like flowers, butterflies etc.. pick your favorite color and make your room that color, and have the same colored sheets for your bed

Answer #2

neon orange!!! lol no. pick a theme, and funmail me back.

Answer #3

Dark blue carpet is not a big problem… It would go great with “jewel” tones, like vivid emerald green, neon blue, purple, hot pink. If you really don’t like it…you can get small carpet reminants in another color, for pretty cheap…usually under $100. , and just lay over it.

The other lady said choose a theme… that’s a great idea. Do you want Marine theme…like beach and ocean, or garden theme like gorgeous flower gardens, a “jewelry” theme… , a country western theme, a carribean theme, Hawaiian, Greek, Egyptian, french provencial…??? Or modernistic.? Maybe you could even paint a mural on one wall. Check out “ bedroom makeovers” in a websearch to get ideas.

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