Colors for a new room ?

Welll im redoing my room

And I need a nice color (im a girl)

But dont say pink because im not girlyy!

Answer #1

My room is green and white. My mom thought it would look bad but she actually likes it.

You could also do turqoise. It looks really nice. My cousin’s room is that color.

Um.. Purple. Red. White.

I don’t know.

But don’t do black. It may look cool, but your room will feel WAY too small. My friend learned that the hard way. He ended up hating his room. :P If you use black, I wouldn’t use it as the main color.

Answer #2

Turqoise and Black - I love those 2 colors together and it’s so “in” right now. You can find tons of decorative things to put in your room.

Answer #3

have a feature wall!

do the walls an off white, then paint one of the walls a rich, deep colour. like mabye eggplant??

Answer #4

paint it black, and get neon paints and splatter paint the walls with the neon colors. (:

Answer #5

Violet and another color but not to dark hmmm maybe a maroon lol I think that would be pretty I like both of those colors =)

Answer #6

Black! I think it would look amazing and you could have lots of little neon lights and accessories to contrast!

Answer #7

do a color with zebra (black and white) like my room is red black and white, and it’s adorable.

Answer #8

purple or a pretty blue.

Answer #9

u could paint it light green

Answer #10

Just for fun, here’s what my room looks like.

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