How to become a singer and actress?

Does anyone know how I can become a actress or singer. I live in New Jersey and that is not the easiest place to do that stuff, but if you no a way for me to become a singer or actress I really love singing and acting. thanks

Answer #1

Well the way some celebrities become famous, if you read, the way they got famous was being notice on the streets! So just go out and let people notice you for what you aree good at!!!

Answer #2

My suggestion to you is to audition. I think it will probably be the easiest way. I want to be a singer and actress as well, but it is very rare that by chance, a music producer or somebody scouting for new celebrities will see you. When you audition, you’re putting your talents out there, and you’re building your confidence to sing in front of people.

Also, I think you should record yourself singing/acting and post it on YouTube or some website so you can get other people’s opinions. That way, you can improve. But brace yourself against negative comments that does not contribute in anyway. (e.g. You suck.) You should just ignore those kind of comments.

You should try out for American Idol. Who knows? You might win!

Good luck! :) I hope we BOTH become a celebrity! <3

Answer #3

Well, you are lucky you live in NJ, because it is close to New York. You are a lot closer than some people. Take some acting classes, go to auditions, try to hire a cheap manager (at first), and just get out there and let the world see you. :)

Answer #4

Look online for casting calls. According to your profile you’re a year younger than me. 14, right?

Look for Disney casting calls. Who knows, you could be the next Miley Cyrus.

There are websites you can sign up for that will email you when they have a new casting call you can audition for. ASK YOUR PARENTS FIRST. MAke sure thet they will let you do it. If not, wait till your on your own. Then you can do whatever you want.

Answer #5

you probably wont get a disney audition if you live in jersey. look for castings in philadelphia. here is a website:

Answer #6

This lady is great and she is starting to give voice lessons via her website, good-luck.

P A T W H I T E M A N Vocalist Voice Teacher Performance Coach Familycoach

Answer #7

Hey just letting you know I WISH I lived in NJ not in the middle of no wear in the prairies I don’t even think my town is listed on a MAP thats my dream as well just letting you know your lucky :)

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