How do I start a career in Acting?

im 13 and someday I’d like to become an actor or a year im going to highschool and I’m going to adution for some plays. (will that help me at all for the future?) id also like to become a dancer I’ve had a pashon for dancing ever sence I was little. yet my parents never let me take any dancing classes, im trying to convince them to let me take them again now. but its doubtful. is there anyway I could become better at danceing with out takeing classes? dose anyone have experience with these carrers? anything that might help? thanks everyone.

Answer #1

With the acting, yes that will help out.

Dancing, you could try watching dances that you like doing and get an idea of the complexity of the dance and see if you could try to mimic the moves. Then with doing that you could spread these moves into your own technique. Just don’t have a total dependency on the moves make sure to develop some of your own.

Answer #2

Try to move the way you want to move.You want to feel graceful and beautiful.Dancing and acting should be all about passion,and graceful.Good Luck!

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