Will red cheeks ruin my acting career?

alllright so basically I’ve decieded this summer im going to start auditioning for hollywood films, and I know that im a great actor and that should be fine, and I know im not that bad looking (althought I guess it doesnt matter), but I have this little problem, whenever I get like kinda embarresed or like play a sport my cheeks get really red…so do you think this will have any effect on my acting career?

Answer #1

Cushiegirl has a very good point! If you’re a good actor, no-one will know you’re embarrassed. IF you’re getting self conscious, maybe you need to work on your acting a bit more. It’s very competitive.

Answer #2

I think you should focus on something more promising and do acting on the side. Because like ‘pinkpearl’ said, its very competitive.

Answer #3

Well if you are confident with your acting then you shouldn’t get embarrassed. You could try some powder cover up.

Melinda Smith

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