What is the hottest hot sauce you can find in grocery stores?

Answer #1

Habanero Pepper Sauce

Answer #2

yeeeeeeah, that’ll take you’re head off.

Answer #3

LOL IF YOUr really in need hit a mexican place out!!

Answer #4

LOL IF YOUr really in need hit a mexican place out!!

Answer #5

Ghost pepper is hottest of all peppers. google ghost pepper.

Answer #6

@kelei808. This is a picture of a ghost pepper next to a habanero yeah? I just did a little research, and on the Scoville scale (the scale used to measure the heat of chilli peppers) a Jalepeno measure between 2,500 - 8,000. A Red Savina Habanero measures 580,000 scoville units, and a Bhut Jolokia (ghost pepper) measures a whopping 1,001,304 scoville units. So it’s preeeeeeeeeeeeetty hot man! I found this description of what it’s like to eat one “An entire chili is an all-out assault on the senses, akin to swigging a cocktail of battery acid and glass shards.” Whereas I’m nnnnnnnnnnnnooot sure you’ll find this in a grocery store though.. and it might kill you. :/

Answer #7

He didn’t ask what the hottest pepper is, he asked what the hottest hot sauce is.

Answer #8

colleen. did i not not know what he asked? seems to me they relate in some way right? for your information i dont go into stores, looking at hot sauce, and remembering their names right? you didnt even name the brand. by the way, habanero is a pepper, so dont dis on my pepper when my pepper is hotter than yours. did you not know ghost peppers can be used in sauces? girl you just got schooled. BOOO YAAA

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