Is eating hotdogs bad for your health?

I keep hearing hotdogs are bad and something bad is in them. what is wrong with them?

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There is no fixed specification for hot dog meat, with pork and beef being the most popular. Less expensive hot dogs typically contain chicken, due to the low cost and availability of mechanically separated chicken, and some pork. Hot dogs are generally regarded as unhealthy insofar as most have high sodium, fat and nitrate content. Contents can also be questionable, with cheaper types of hot dogs having been known to contain snouts, ears, and blended organs. In recent years, due to changing dietary preferences in the U.S., manufacturers have turned to turkey, chicken, or vegetarian meat substitutes as well as lowering the salt content.

In general, if a manufacturer produces two different hot-dog-type sausages, "wieners" tend to contain pork, and to be the blander of the two, while "franks" tend to be all-beef, and more strongly seasoned. This is particularly true of Oscar Mayer.

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The reason you keep hearing that is because... they have almost every left over parts from,, .. a lot of .. things.. its reallly gross.. you should go me!,, or vegan would be even better.. its a healthier life style if you balance all your protien and such right!.

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They are packed with sugars and salts and only contain a small amount of actual meat. I take it you are refering to the frankfurter type hotdogs?

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your best answer is to check it out yourself. Google hotdogs and how they are made. the facts will tell you there.

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There's lots of sodium in them. That's why people say they're unhealthy. Too much sodium isn't good for you.

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They put offcuts like ears and tails and animals gizzards in them. Also, who knows what that strange red coating is made of?

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depending on whre you get them but from what I seen from a jamie oliver programme on the tv it told us most cheaper brands are full of the bits they usualy throw away like trotters noses skin its all mixed up and shoved together. honestly if you seen it being made you would never eat one again!!

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I dont know if something is bad in them I would assume that if there is something bad in them we wouldnt be able to buy them. I personaly cant stand pork, chicken and whatever else is in them but I love beef hot dogs :)

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