hoping to become pregnant

I had a period on 21/03 andit lasted about 2-3 days then after that my next period was on 16/06 which again lasted ended 4 days later I was diagnosed with PCOs but am trying for a baby I had intercourse around the 21/06 but none since then but lately have symptoms such as feeling tired more often, dizzyness, abdominal pain on my left side like little cramps, not vomiting but feeling sick even though it has been over 30 days since my last period im not sure if im pregnant I did a test lasdt week it came back negative but that could just be because I did the test too soon. I really hope I could be lucky to fall pregnant can anyone tell me what the chance are?

Answer #1

Sure, those are symptoms of pregnancy, but also symptoms of PCOS…you would definatly get a positive pregnant test back now. Just so you do have some hope, I know a girl who has the same thing…or something of that sort she may have endometriosis, but either way, she was told her chances of having a child was very slim, and now they have a beautiful little boy, don’t hope so much and have sex regularly.

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