Why haven't I become pregnant yet?

well me and my boyfriend have been hopeing for a baby for 3 months so I haven’t became prego yet so is there somethin wrong with me or is there somethin wrong with him? HELP MEH

Answer #1

First make sure that this is something that you both want, a child is forever. It could take a while to get pregnant and sometimes it just happens. You ovulate 2 weeks before your period when you temp is slightly elevated. This would be the best time to try, other than that don’t get so stressed about it, it will happen.

Answer #2

There is a chance that something isnt right…there are some things that women and men cannot help and they go unnoticed until trying to concieve…Have you used fertility monitors? those are a good place to start…also while having intercourse its a good thing for the woman to climax…believe it or not it helps with the conception. You may want to have your husband go and get a sperm count or you get checked out or both just to see whats going on hope that helps!

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