Is this rape?

Okay, so, a friend of mine was really young, about 11 years old, and she had sex with a 14 (almost 15) year old. She didn’t really want to, but he made her feel bad because they hadn’t yet, and he was moving soon. After he moved they’d never see each other again and they wouldn’t have the chance. So she did it because she felt bad (even though she didn’t want to & wasn’t ready), is this considered rape?

Answer #1

It’s only considered rape if you say no and they continue at it. Seeing as she gave into him it is not rape. It’s horrible that he made her feel like she had to have sex with him, and it’s horrible that she was so young and lost something so percious, but unfortunetly it was her choice.

Answer #2

I don’t think so, rape would have to mean that she did not give consent and was forcefully penetrated. Though she felt that she wasn’t ready, she did give the green light.

It isn’t right to use and mislead a young girl like that, but to answer your question, it’s technically not rape.

Answer #3

it might be stratory rape, depends on the age. and if its over 5 years the police cant charge

Answer #4

Its rape its considered sexual coersion, its when you dot want to but you do because they pressure you into it

Answer #5

That is true. Legally, it depends on the jurisdiction. But ethically, coercing or pressuring someone into sex is ALWAYS rape. You cannot consent under duress.

Answer #6

many times got it done and thank god ‘m clean but hurting a little

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