Is it right for my high school to take out all language classes except Spanish?

Apparently my school is taking German, French, and Sign Language out of the school all together because “they’re useless and will be no good for you in life.” and then forcing everyone to take Spanish. Do you think this is fair to the students?

Answer #1

well spanish is a common language in the US, i mean every direction set must come in english and spanish so….i would say they’re trying to benefit you with a language you may actualy use one day.

Answer #2

I doubt that the excuse was “They’re useless.” Maybe there weren’t enough students taking the course, or there may have been budgets that weren’t big enough to support that many classes.

Answer #3

I understand there not being enough students in French and S.L. but there are just as many students in German as there is Spanish.

Answer #4

it most likely has to deal with the schools budget and with spanish being such a wide used language in the united states and german not ever being used it makes sense to keep spanish

Answer #5

Odds are it was because of budget cuts. As many students in German or not, German is not as widely spoken in the U.S. and practically speaking it makes sense to keep Spanish. And yes, it is right for them to do what they need to do.

Answer #6

I guess the budget cut makes sense… I am in the state of Wisconsin and with the new law that is suppose to pass money is tight. I’m sure you all have heard of the big protest that’s been going on here…

Answer #7

You live in a democracy, don’t you? If you don’t like it, go to your schools headmaster and tell him/her you want to keep the German class. If he/she says the school has to take out these lessons because of short budget, ask who is responsible. And then go and protest to the responsible person or organization.

Good luck.

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