high school german class?

is high school german class hard? im going to be in high school next year and I really want to tak egerman class. ill be taking german 1 so itll be the easier class but what do others think of it?

Answer #1

My because took German until they cut it out of her school and she really loved it, I’m in Spanish and it totally sucks, so I’m guessin German’s pretty awesome.

Answer #2

I am presently in my fifth year of german and I love it. it will come more naturally to those whose first language was a germanic language, such as english. as long as you study the genders of words, you will find it to be delightful.

Answer #3

I took 2 years of German at school and 8 years of French. My French is so bad I would not be able to function if I was stuck in Paris for a week. On the other hand, I found German a delightful and interesting language to learn, and can still remember a lot of it. It feels natural for me. It has a lot of similarities to English, but nothing remotely close to a latin language.

It’s not easy – but what second language is? I think you will love it.

Answer #4

German waz fun when they had the class but other than that it was a blast

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