What classes in high school do I need to be a xray tec?

I want to be an xray tecnition but I’m not sure what classes I need in high school I’m in grade 9 and live in Canada thanks

Answer #1

The more science and math you take the better. When you apply they’ll really look at Math and Physics, and maybe even Bio and Chem. You need to be in at least 4C1 classes for those. 4U1 would be best though… & well this is standard but you NEED english. It’s a req for every program post-secondary. They usually want a minimum of 70% in that.

Go and ask a uni or college that your interested in, what you need to become an x-ray tech. Each school might have different pre-req’s.

Until you hit gr11 though, you won’t be in the specifics unless you take extra (either summer or night classes). But I would recommend you to take academic level math, science, and english.

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