Classes in high school to be a vet?

What classes do I have to take in highschool to be a vet?

Answer #1

in HS you dont really have to worry about what classes you have to take for that. you have to worry the classes to take for that in college. but the HS that I went to you had to have 24 credits to graduate. which is 4 Eng 4 math 3 sci 2 his 1 economic and governmet 1 pe or rotc 7 electives 1 foreign language 1 computer hope that helps

Answer #2

the classes you will prop need are chemistry. biology. physics they are the most important

Answer #3

if your at at a magnet school, or one with academy’s then choose agriscience. after 4 yes of HS agriscience, there are 26 colleges with veterinary medicine or veterinary studies classes. such as UF or the Ohio state university. after that you can figure out the rest ;) funmail me if you need 2.

Answer #4

biology, chemistry, physics, stats and possibly english

Answer #5


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