How do I tell my parents I'm pregnant?

how do i tell my parents i’m pregant?

Answer #1

yeah find a way to get them to tell u how they feel about the issue. pretend one of ur friends is pregnant. then u will know how to handle it but either way u have to tell them.

Answer #2

Just t sit down with them and tell them that you know that their going to be upset with you but that you are just going to have to trust that they wont be to hard on you thats what I did when I got pregnant at 17 now I am 18 and my little girl is 7months and I wouldnt change anything even if I had the chance its going to be hard at first but you’ll be happy in the long run atleast I am.Thats what I did so thats my advice for you I hope every thing works for you. BIGSIS OF DD

Answer #3

tell your mom you have been having sex and dat you might be pregnaent but do not get an obortion cause dat is jus wrong

Answer #4

they are your parents and they will love you no matter what. Just tell them you are and you made a mistake

Answer #5

bring up the topic of pregnancy tests or birth control around your parents and see how they feel about either one. good luck.

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