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Hi, I am 10 weeks pregnant and really like the name Tia for a girl, any ideas for a middle name? Thank you . x

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my name is Tia and my middle name is Marie :] Tia Marie

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my name is tia andrea and I love it ...consider it :)

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Tia is lovely but try these for her or for a middle name I like o be a bit more inventive:

Miley <maybe im expecting twins lol J.K.
My auntie had a baby that was exctedo be a girl she go all exied and paited her room pink and bot pinc clothes and toys everything was PINK what a shame her baby turned out to be a BLUE (it was a boy)
I think I have gave you a fair choice Enjoy :)

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Tia Leanne I like :)

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Well... my name is Tia Lynn.

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Tia Casey
Tia Amy
Tia Anne

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Anna, Marie (My middle name), Maria, Elise are all cute. Congrats on the baby!

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Tia Paige.
Tia Brooke.
Tia Lynn.
Tia Michelle.
Tia Claire.
Tia Nicole.
Tia Gail.
Tia Summer. <--- hehe

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ok thanx I really really love tia amelia now lol x

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Tia Precious
Or something associated w.your nme

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Tia Mae or Tia Lee

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what about Tia Ameilia, Tia Josiphine, Tia Amy, Tia Grace,
Or you can Just choose someone in your familys name surname or middle name

Hope this helps

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Tia Marie Hodgkinson

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Mary Tia is cute

but if you want a second name and wants Tia to be the first, for me, it can be Tia Mara, Tia Keyshia, Tia Lauren, Tia Mena, Tia Rona or Tia Carlita...

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haha yea I do really like that, also if its a boy his 1st name will definately be Bailey but middle names are a problem again!! Any ideas? I was thinking a short name like Rio or Kai because the surname is long anyway

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yea...Tia Amelia Hodgkinson is really really beautiful=]]
she will thank you when she grows up! haha

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Leah, Tamara, rebekah, Shannon, Philis, Susan, Lucy, Tanika, Cornelia, Lucinda, Andrea, Zoe, Jade, Arianna, Rita, lowis, Mina, Amy, Ginger, Megan, ummm...hmmm
...Hope I helped?

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Tia Amelia..? Tia Louise - although the middle name Louise is a bit overused
It also depends on what your surname is too

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LOL thank you for ya help I do like Tia Amelia my boyfriend wont help hes just like you choose ill be happy lol x

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Thank you both of you : Do either of you like Tia Crystal Tia Demi Tia Danielle Tia Aimee or Tia Kasi ?? x

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tia maria hodgkinson
tia melanie hodgkinson
tia morrisette hodgkinson
tia innocence hodgkinson
tia katherine hodgkinson

hope these are helpful x x x x

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Tia Mary Hodgkinson

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Kayden Michelle...Tia marie...Tia Sue...Tia Michelle...Tia Ollivia...Tia Rebecca...

Hope I helped <3

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bronwyn or burnadette

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Tia Maria Hodgkinson x

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Tia Jana

Tia Leon


If I were you, I'd name her Tia Nobliana :D lolz

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no vlad is russian name))I love it))
Kai is better.I think=]

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Tia Danielle and Tia Kasi are good=]
but not Tia Demi...forget it=]]

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I like Bailey Kai Hodgkinson (:

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then name Tia Amelia your future son
he'll understand=]]]

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oh...Tia Amelia sounds really beautiful

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no lol soz haha sounds german or summit what about bailey rio?

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what is her surname?

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Don't you like Tia Anne?
or maybe Tia Ginger? no?=]]

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My first name is Tia-Lynn my entire name is Tia-Lynn Siera Kekaialoha nd I do not feel safe posting my last name so I will not. Of course I am not a girly type so I am not fond of my middle names but I have been told that they are pretty and I do not mind sharing. Kekaialoha is Hawai'ian it means the love for/of the sea, or the loving sea. I am not sure of what my first name means so if I could get some help would anyone mind sharing what information they may have?

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