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What do you think about these baby names...

Boy: quade,liam,kian,phineas,edgar


Please let me know your likes and dislikes and names you would name your child

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I dont want popular names obviously

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I think traditional is best, Harvey, Russel, Luke , Joshua and Charles (charlie) are good boys names, and for girls I like charlotte, samantha, Miranda

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Phienas reminds me of that tv showe phineas and ferb :|
if I was to have a girl I would call her lacey, also I love the name elle-may and chanel
if I had a boy I like the names: leo and brooklyn liam is nice too
and also eva is nice

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molly girl deff and as for the boy I have always like thomas but yeah you dont have that

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I love Molly and Liam!

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Some of those names are a little - I dont know - not very likable.
If my son would have been a girl, his name would have been either Hayleigh or Lily.
The boy names that we narrowed it down from was Noah (what we picked), Harley, Liam, and Koda.

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Edgar? Sigourney? Wow...

I'd never personally pick those names, they seem a little out there. But I can't really say much since my name is Genevieve.(: But if you like them, it's cool.

Hahah. Names I'd like for my kids in the future would be..
Eva, Evian, Kyle, Kiefer, Dakota, Marie.

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I just love Liam and Molly :D I'm really into simple but pretty names, and these two fall def into that category :D

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A lot depends on the family name it goes with.

I do like Liam and Phineas (assuming they sound good with the family name). I'm not so hot on the rest of the boy's names.

Rhiannon reminds me too much of the Fleetwood Mac song. I like Sigourney. Molly seems old fashion but not unpleasently so.

The way my wife and I choose names was that we each made a list of boys and girls names we liked. Then we vetoed the names on each other's lists we hated. Then we discussed the names that remained.

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thanks evryone for helping and being nice about it!

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