Can you help my sister and i decide on a baby name?

my sister just found out that she's having a baby girl.
her last name is Emerson.
we're trying to figure out really creative names.
we want spunky, but nothing too out of the ordinary. we came up with these 5 first/middle name combinations, and she likes them all so much that she can't decide:

Scarlett Lauren
Sienna Noelle
Chanille Alexis (shun-eel)
Selina Hailey
Chanelle Samara

can you tell us which one you think is better?

if you dont like any of them, can you give us some suggestions? we really need help with this.


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ANSWER #1 of 11

I like them all. They're really sweet.

I was saying to another person that I like the name Amy Lee if that helps you.

Contragulations too, by the way =)

Hope this helped you choose.

ANSWER #2 of 11

welll I like the first one. I love original names! mines Cymbeline Lisbeth Bryson, but I also ike the name juniper :P

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ANSWER #3 of 11

Sienna Noelle

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ANSWER #4 of 11

well I have a new first name maybe Divani

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ANSWER #5 of 11

I woold just go for scarlett cze I love that name

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ANSWER #6 of 11

Scarlett Lauren
this ones reallly pretty

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ANSWER #7 of 11

Chanille Alexis


Selina Hailey

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between the 2nd one and the last

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ANSWER #9 of 11

Shae Lynn
Kaylee Nikole
Serena Rose

I like those :)

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ANSWER #10 of 11

anabelle louise emerson... I think that has a nice ring to it, like it works

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