Is my nose piercing infected?

Okay,So I posted a thing before about my nose peircing being infected.
Now,Its all red,and puss comes out when I take the ring out.
And theres a huge bump inside my nose,all around the peircing.
I dont want to go to the doctor,
are there any other things I can do to clear this up?
its really gross.

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do NOT put hydrogen peroxide or alcohol on your piercing. those cleaners are too strong for your piercing and will result in ugly scar tissue. the best thing to do would be to go back to your piercer and have them flush out the wound with saline solution. you should also stop taking the ring out, because that means you're incorporating additional foreign bodies into your nasal passage which is making the infection worse.

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yea the same thing happend to mine all you have to do is clean it with salt water and alcohol my nose did the same thing= kelc

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I think my nose is infected now also I have a small bump around the whole and puss comes out and its reddd.I asked my piercer what to do he said soke it in salt water and dooo nont ever put hydrogen peroxide or alcohol on your piercing its the worst thing to do.!I think its because I havent been cleaning it as much as I should.

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Have you tried putting something like Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) on it? Its a disinfectant and you should be able to get it easily from a local drug store. It may slightly burn but when you put it on its actually pulling all the infection out; the infection coming out will bubble white. Another thing you could do is to at night put some saline water on a 4x4, a gauze pad, and place it on your nose for the night when you go to bed. The only other thing I would suggest is to just take the peircing out and let it heal.

The reason for this infection might be because your allergic to the metal of the peircing and its aggrevating your skin. Many times this can also happen because of taking the stud in and out before it is totally healed. Sometimes an infection can occur because of the stud is sinking into the nose cartilage. This cartilage doesn't heal like normal flesh.

If you try this and it doesn't clear up in a few weeks the best thing you can really do is either go to a doctor or take it out. Hope this helps!

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