Cartlidge piercings- infection

My cartlidge piercing is infected and swollen shortly after getting it pierced. Is the redness and swelling normal? I have cleaned it well I think. I did play tennis and sweat a bit, but cleaned it that night. also, I didnt realize you should wear your hair back for a while until its healed, but other than that I have taken good care of it. my lobes got infected and had bumbs on them, even though they were done with a needle and by a professional, and so maybe my ears heal slowly? Basically my question is if this is normal?!

Answer #1

you may have a metal sensitivity. in my ears I’m alergic to everything but glass maybe try titanium?

Answer #2

Yea it’s normal for a bit if it’s a fresh piercing. Make sure you clean your piercing with warm diluted salt water twice a day to help the healing process.

Answer #3

I think it’s pretty normal at first, just keep an eye on it and if it in any way gets worse you should get it checked out.

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