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Sister is getting seriously thin

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My younger sister is 16, she is about 5'6 and weighs about 90 pounds I would say she is extremely thin, and recently she has not been eating and when she does I think she purges, she always goes to the bathroom after we "eat" she barley eats anything, I am watching her for the whole summer and beginning of the school year for her, my parents are gone. She has a lot going for her and I have to protect her a lot because of the trouble she gets into with guys. but that's just her I guess. I don't know what to do about this, I am like a father to her and I know I can handle how to help her I just need A LOT of advice on what to do, please as many answers as possible, I am desperate. She thinks I don't know, but I do. This is a very serious case what do I do? Ryan