My sister get really bad bely pains

My sister get really bad bely pains and she get them on her ribs shes got them now but we dunno what it is her doctor says it could be bell syndrome and he gave her madicine bt shes scred to take it because it can make you through up and stuff and she dont eat she east 1 meal a day could that be it ??

Answer #1

Martin Bell syndrome, or Bells Palsy? Either way, that doesn’t sound like either one.

Is the pain located mainly on her ribs, and does it get worse when she breathes in?

I have a disorder that causes the thinning of the layer of lubrication between the ribs and lungs. It causes the lungs to chafe against the ribs and is especially painful when I breathe in…I’m just wondering if that sounds similar to what she’s going through.

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