Help! Sore knees and ankles from walking/running!!

I just recently started walking/running again. My knees are my ankles seem to kill me afterwards. I noticed my knees hurt at first and now my ankles are as well. Is it from my shoes not being the best for running or is that I need some more nutrients in my body such as calcium or something? Please help :(


Answer #1

tk advil pills thts wht I do whn I start running and my legs hurst I cn just barely walk whn I run..

Answer #2

put some ice on your acncles… and for you knees you are going to have 2 wait a day or 2 they will get better

Answer #3

You just started running again so all that pain is normal. They’re normal running injuries. Other injuries injuries include shin splints and pain in the achilles tendon. When you feel pain take a break for about 3-4 days. Do the RICE method. Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate. And when you start up again do it slow. Maybe you’re hurting yourself because you’re doing too much too fast too intensely.

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