Swimming while on your period

can you go swimming with nothing on while you on your period

Answer #1

No, that wont work. wear a tampon

Answer #2

tampons are the answer love sorry

Answer #3

yes if you dont use a tampon though your going to get some blood in the water you cant swim with a pad, because that will puff up and absorb all the water and the blood will leak off it if ytou want to go swimming youll need to wear a tampon

Answer #4

By “nothing” I assume you mean a pad or tampon?

I wouldn’t recommend it - not because it’s unhealthy or anything, but what happens when blood meets water? It spreads.

Not a nice picture when you turn the swimming pool or beach red.

Answer #5


If you feel uneasy about using a tampon, try simply using some cotton wool.

Way back when I was a teenager and a swimming instructor, that’s what we used to do on ‘those days’.

That said, tampons today are easy to use, and come with simple instructions. They’re probably your best bet.

Answer #6

Water does usually stop the flow of your period, there’s like a pressure thing involved, unfortunately, sometimes the walls do squeeze a little too hard, defying the pressure, and then you have bloody water (not a nice sight), also, there’s the few minutes where you’re actually getting into the water, and when you get out…

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