My internet explorer runs so slow!

My internet explorer runs sooo slow! I’ve tried Mozilla Firefox & it takes FOREVER for some pages to load then it freezes or if I use my IE it runs faster than my Firefox, but I’ll get an error message on some pages or everything on a page is lined up on the left side or straight down the center & I can’t do all the actions that I’d like to do. What is this? And its very frustrating. Can someone help me? Or do I need to speak with a technician?

Answer #1

LOL Bell, you crack me up !

If your auntie’s service provider doesn;t do the trick I would seriously consider a hard disk fault and if those pesky neighbours are draining your dsl hook ‘em up to the national grid and fry their eyebrows ! LOL

Peace out.

Answer #2

it’s been lightening like heck 4the last couple of weeks and I think our retarded neighbors are running cable from our box!

Answer #3

There is another possibility…

… my computer ran slowly even after I tried everything… I discovered it had received an electrical surge when lightning struck nearby… part of the hard drive got fried and started behaving like a programme - draining the processors power.

Have you had an electrical storm recently ?

Answer #4

lol! I just might switch my service provider b/c I got DSL thru my cable and my aunt has AT&T and her DSL waits on you, its so fast!

Answer #5

Simply a Rose to brighten your day,         And maybe lessen the cares in your way;         And also, too, to help you to know,         That in knowing you, many others grow!

  What OS do you use? Vista; XP; 98; what?

Answer #6

Windows ME/Microsoft. I guess that’s what you asked lol

Answer #7

Sorry Bell, are you saying that you have re-formatted your hard drive because that cures just about everything known to mankind !

Answer #8

you may believe me but I rebooted my whole computer with the hp recovery disk and did a defragment run on my C-drive :(

Answer #9


re-boot if you haven’t already done that

and then try a de-frag

and then try a “ restore point “

Answer #10

Run a virus scan

Run a spyware scan

See if it is any different and then report back here for the next step

Answer #11

I’ve done all of that. that’s why im so frustrated :(

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