Internet Explorer 8

Has anyone else downloaded IE8 yet for their computer? How do you like it? Do you notice a difference like I do? Just curious… :)

Answer #1

Works fine for me - I like when you get a ‘needs to shut down’ message it restores itself without completely shutting down.

Answer #2

Well, I’m certainly not happy with it

Downloaded the ‘free yahoo’ version a little while ago. It took ages on my slow dial-up connection, and ever since I’ve been having lots of trouble. Everything goes much slower (yes, I cleaned out the brower cache regularly) and, oddly enough - the one thing that takes longest to open is precisely yahoo…

Answer #3

IE 8 is the good explorer. It ha s many new features in comparison to the older versions.when you shutdown the explorer with out the close the mails , when you open the explorer it retrieves back .

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