Do vampires exist?

do vampires exist

Answer #1

Thecowgod is right. There are thoses that emulate the culture of the vampire lore but there are no superstrenth, bitting, super speed, can’t come out in day light vampires.

I do love the vampire lore though from ann rice to twilight series.

You sound scard, or rather read scard. Is there a reason?

Answer #2

I’ve never met one, though people not having the Spirit of Yahweh and His Son Yahshua can be demonicly inclined as demons who abide in death would desie to be as close to blood as possible where life is found.

Answer #3

Not in the sense that they show in movies and in books. However there are cults out there that believe in the concept. They do some rituals, and drink blood. However they don’t go around biting random people and drinking all their blood. They are not immortal and they do not have all the abilities that are shown in books and movies and such. I knew a guy I went to school with who was actually into this type of stuff. He was actually very nice and dedicated to his belief. But never did he try and ask anyone to join, nor did he do anything that would show him to be some type of monster.

Answer #4

well I have a friend fro Mexico here at the Dorms… and in Mexico they all believe in the Chupacobbra!!! which is a Vampire but there is only one…and it attacks boats or something…It looks like a gargoyle with wings but its a man, a vampire man.! I dont remember the rest its xmas Vacation and all the dormies are away so I cna fun mail you the rest when she gets back if you would like

Answer #5

Nope, but there are people who drink blood :D I wish vampires were real… :[

Have you read twilight or something?

Answer #6

Real vampires to dot exist - in the sense that they can live forever and will die if they go out in the sun.

Although there are cults and people who live their lives like vampires and take it very seriously, they drink or bathe in blood, they only come out at night, etc.

Look up Elizabeth Bathory - she is from the past (I think the 1600’s I’m not sure), she used to kill young virgin girls and bathe in their blood to keep herself looking young as long as she lived. She was considered a vampire.

Answer #7

Abort them with a clothes hanger?! Who the hell would even THINK of doing that. That’s ridiculous.

Anyways to answer your question, no, vampires do not exist. But some people believe they do.

There are people who will drink blood. Some may consider them vampires. But they are not immortal, or have super-strength or special abilities.

Answer #8

They don’t but why are you so sacred?

Answer #9

Also, professor Costas Efthimiou supposed that the first vampire would have arrived on January 1, 1600 when the human population was 536,870,911. Assuming that the vampire fed once a month and the victim turned into a vampire, there would be two vampires and 536,870,910 humans on Feb. 1. There would be four vampires on March 1 and eight on April 1. If this trend continued, all of the original humans would become vampires within two and a half years and the vampires’ food source would disappear.

So, basic math disproves the legend of humans turning into vampires after they are bitten, Efthimiou explains, because the entire human population in 1600 would have been wiped out in less than three years.

“In the long run, humans cannot survive under these conditions, even if our population were doubling each month,” Efthimiou said. “And doubling is clearly way beyond the human capacity of reproduction.”

Answer #10

yes they do…, im not even scared of vampires…, not even a single one…!

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