What Can you make with tuna?

(starkist) SolidWhite?.. And how to make it..

Answer #1

The simplest - boil some eggs and cut them up, mix the boiled eggs with the tuna and add mayo, mustard, salt, relish and pepper to taste.

Answer #2


Answer #3

You can make Tuna melts - Mix tuna with mayo and onions, put on hamburger buns , add some grated cheese , wrap in tin foil and cook in over at 350F for about 20 minutes.

Answer #4

We did for cracker topping.. We put.. Onions..Bell Peppers…Tuna..Mustard..Relish…Mayo.. and put it on there.

Answer #5

a tuna sandwhich w/ relish & toasted bread, yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Answer #6

Just tuna and relish and bread?

Answer #7

oh that sounds goooooddd!

Answer #8

Tuna sandwich…mix tuna, mayo, & either put it on toast or watever (iv even had it with no bread). Chopped up small pieces of apple is very gd wen mixd in thr too :-) thts the only type of fish I’ll eat…oh yea btw they got this thing called tuna helper found on stores. Ud have to follow the instructions on the box but thts very gd too :-)

Answer #9

Tuna, eggs, and mayonnaise mixed.. mmm yumm lol. Or go to the store and get Tuna-Helper

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