Am I still a virgin?


My Name is Jess, im 15 and a girl..

I want to know if im still a virgin if I haven’t had sex but fingered myself, yeserday I fingered myself and I bled and my 22yr old internet boyfriend says I popped my charry or cherry - whatever it’s called, am I still a virgin??


Answer #1
  1. im more worried about your “internet boyfreind” just make sure your being safe, not giving out too many details, and not meeting up with him alone
  2. as for your question, it sounds like it however, popping your cherry usually has nothing to do with your virginity as your cherry or “hymen” can be broken from other things like sports, tampons, horseriding, sex toys, fingering ect these things have nothing to do with your virginity you loose your virginity when a real penis penetrates your vagina because thats the only time when you can actually get pregnant or catch an sti/std …thats the only time were everything starts to happen really so the small layer of skin, your hymen, doesnt represent your virginity especaially since you havent had sex yet
Answer #2

Yes you’re still a virgin. And like jaslovestoskate said, be careful. A lot of bad things can happen from relationships that start online.

Answer #3

Dont worry, you only lose your virginity when a guy enters you. You bled because you stretched the top of your umm… the bit where your hymen is. It’s all good news - you probably won’t bleed when you first have sex, it probably won’t hurt either - you already stretched it, and no, you wont get pregnant

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