Negative tests, could I be pregnant?

I’m 16 and im 2 1/2 months late for my period.. I’ve took 6 pregnancy tests but they were all negative.. Could I still be pregnant with negative tests?

Answer #1

I dont know if you are prego or not but im 28 and also had 6 negs but I feel my tummy like something is in there. I’ve missed almost 4 periods also but got 6 negs tests

Answer #2

6 negative tests? It is highly unlikely you’re more than 8 weeks pregnant and came up with that many false negatives. If you want to put your mind at rest go to the doctor but I honestly doubt you’re pregnant.

Answer #3

well it could just be your hormones are inbalanced I am 15 and have missed 3 periods at different times I dont know why I was nvr pregnant because im a virgin

Answer #4

yes you could be, some people cant use them, they just dont work for some. thats how my sister-in-law and aunt are.

the best way to know for sure is to go and ask your doctor. they’ll give you a much better answer.

also, you may not be pregnant. you period may just be jumping around, that normally happend until the age of 19. so I wouldnt freak out just yet.

it could also be skipping around if your on birth control. so many possobilities :]

Answer #5

Well im not too sure. You just need to go to the doc and get checked. Same with me but im 3months late and I took a test 2days ago and it came out negative. I was just so sure that the test would come out positive because I have all the prego symptoms. Now here it is 3months and still no period. I gotta doc appointment in a week so I guess I will know the truth then. Im hope’n that I dont have (pcos)

Answer #6

not really…you might just have a late period…unless its never been iregular before.

Answer #7

So my friend took every kind of test available at wal-mart and they all came out negative she went to the doctor and the blood work showed up she is 3 months prego!!! so watch teh over the counter tests!!!

Answer #8

I’ve missed periods before but I had unprotected sex about a week before my period was due and then it never came and I missed another one but if the tests are negative should I still ask a doctor?

Answer #9

If youve taken 6 and they were all negative then no probably not, sometimes, even if youve had your period before, but if you change your deit suddenly it will just stop, that might be it

Answer #10

it might be that your stressing a lot about it too.. just dont think about it and try not to be stressed out

Answer #11

u have a menstruation on march 16-21 and I have unprotected sex on march 22 . its possible that I pregnant. I told 5 pregnanct test but its all negative result. so its still possible that im pregrant. I don’t have any sign and symptoms of being pregnant. please I need an advise.

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