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OZ Drug Tests provide both alcohol & drug testing kits throughout Australia as well as worldwide. Visit our webstore and feel free to make your order today.

About OZ Drug Tests

Welcome to Oz Drug Tests - Your Premier Partner for Drug & Alcohol Testing Kits in Australia

At Oz Drug Tests, we are dedicated to ensuring Australian workplaces are safe, productive, and drug-free. Based in Australia, we are a leading provider of high-quality drug and alcohol testing kits tailored for both commercial and personal use, serving clients not only across Australia but also worldwide.

Who We Are

Founded by Dave Noble, a veteran in the drug testing industry with over a decade of experience, Oz Drug Tests stands at the forefront of drug testing solutions. Dave’s extensive knowledge, backed by his certification in HLTPAT005 for specimen collection and a deep understanding of Australian laws and regulations, ensures that we offer unparalleled expertise and support to our clients.

Our Products

Our product range covers everything from urine and saliva testing kits to breathalysers, all designed to deliver fast and accurate results within just 5 minutes. We take pride in selecting only the best kits from renowned manufacturers, ensuring they meet the stringent Australian standards AS4308 for urine and AS4760 for saliva tests.

Industries We Serve

Our testing kits are indispensable tools in high-risk industries such as mining, construction, and transportation. We understand the critical importance of maintaining a drug-free environment in these sectors, and our products are designed to help employers achieve just that.

Why Choose Oz Drug Tests?

  • Expertise: Over 10 years of experience and certified expertise.

  • Compliance: Kits meeting Australian standards for accuracy and reliability.

  • Versatility: A wide selection of kits suitable for a variety of industries.

  • Worldwide Distribution: Serving clients both in Australia and internationally.

Common Questions Visitors Ask

  1. How do I choose the right drug testing kit for my industry?
  2. Can you assist with laboratory confirmation testing if needed?
  3. What makes your testing kits compliant with Australian standards?
  4. How can I order your products for delivery outside Australia?

Embrace a safer workplace with Oz Drug Tests. Visit our webstore and place your order today. For any inquiries or assistance, our team is here to guide you through the process of selecting and using our drug and alcohol testing kits effectively.

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