Why doesnt Anxiety go away?

I get really nervous about some things and feel like throwing up. I ve been told that this is anxiety when I went to the doctors. He told me to work it out myself and change the way I view everything in my mind. Its been getting better but its not going away fully. I still feel like throwing up multiple times when im nervous and I dont want this to continue. Does it ever go away? Is there relief?

Answer #1

Your doctor told you to work it out for yourself? Wow what a bad doctor!! Anxiety can affect you in so many ways and creaps in to everything you do as I’m sure you know. I know this because I too suffer from an anxiety problem. You need to see a councillor, I can’t belief your doctor didn’t refer you to one. if you have to pay were you are then you will have to pay. These things take YEARS to go away on their own you need help and guidance. Message me if you want more advice (it is confidential)

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