what to do when your heart and your brain cant agree on something?

Answer #1

Depends on what it is? Can you give more information. I would say follow your heart i.e. gut feeling. Generally that works best.

Answer #2

well i had & have this problem yuu need to check on wat important && ya more info becuz i think its on love ? ? ?? can yu funmail me if its kinda on D.L. or just type ill check wat i can do to help ..!!

Answer #3

Its complicated, but yes, its about love. I hate love :( But i love it too

Answer #4

i have the same problem but i suggest you can obey your brain and ignore your heart in some issues…use your brain because heart just pushes you to lose control over your emotions and make mistakes…

Answer #5

ok its just how you thinkk i say wats going to make yu realli happy !! & proud of yur choice ! your heart might saystay /leave your brain might say stay/ leave sometimes its more on happyness !! becuz sometime yur heart need to be broken & at the same time yur brain dont need to makeall the decions !!

Answer #6

thank u :’)

Answer #7

it is hard. but i figured out that you cant just pick to listen to your heart or you brain. only when your brain and heart work together as one thats the only time you’ll ever win in the game of love

Answer #8

It all depends. It could be sincerely dangerous following your heart over your brain at times. If nothing works out, if you don’t want to put your personal problems on display, but if you’re willing to spew them at one person, I’ve got funmail, aye? I’m like the spew-board for all of my friends, so it wouldn’t be a bother.

Answer #9

my uncle henry said this to me once ‘ Tammy’ when you dont know what to do,’ dont do anything’’! im not sure if it will help ,but in the bible it also states for you to sometimes just be still

Answer #10

Id say listen to your brain and you cant go wrong.

Answer #11

pray about it, talk to your parents [they usually know everything], ask a few friends, and then totally go against everything everyone tells you.

…just kidding. parents are usually pretty wise, and your friends should know you well enough to help you. ultimately, do what you won’t regret later on.

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