Who else believes that if someone has time to complain about something they have time to fix it?

I hear people all the time complain about one thing another, recent one was “i cant believe i gained weight i need to loose weight.” then the person goes and grabs 3 Cinnamon rolls and mashed potatoes. Then there are people who complain about their schools grades as they play video games instead of doing homework. Do you guys agree with me or why do you think people do this?

Answer #1

I do, things can be fixed, it takes times and achually wanting to do it, but things can be fixed. So I agree with you! Kinda! ;D

Answer #2

Yeah, the world is full of procrastinators, hypocrites, and lazy people. I don’t necessarily believe that if you have time to complain, you have time to fix it, as it depends on what it is being complained about, but for the most part, I agree with what you’re saying. I think people do it because it’s easy to see your own flaws, but it takes more effort to fix them, and some people don’t know where to start, and others just don’t care enough to actually make it happen.

Answer #3

i agree some problems that people complain about they cant do anything to fix but most problems i hear in highschool are all petty issues that could easily been avoided and if they took time to fix. Sometimes i believe people like their problems because it can give them attention, but i also think there are a few who are just to lazy.

Answer #4

Yeah, high school is dramaland, led by the infamous kings and queens of hypocrisy and whining. Some people may have some serious issues, but most are just going through things that everyone else goes through too, and they find it necessary to complain about it, rather than solve the issues.

Answer #5

It somehow depend on the things that we complain about. Sometimes the things are beyond our capability ti fix.

Answer #6

You realize you’re doing exactly that? You’re complaining? So you answer your own question, can you fix what you’re complaining about?

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