Does anyone agree?

“you cant 100% trust someone, their will always be doubts. you cant completly hate someone becuase everyone has something good in them and you cant fully know someone because nobody fully knows themselves so when it comes down to it, the only thing we are sure about is who we love. And if its all we’ve got then its all we need. SOmeone asked me what was the greatest thing I learned this year and I said. life will hand you everything it has just to watch you fight with everything you’ve ever had. and you know what? in the war of life, we keep battling, and we meet the soldiers who help us fight, and though we get shot at and bruised and ask what do we get from fighting, we always look to our side and see that same soldier who says what do we get by giving up? I think its love in our hearts and the love we give to others that truly make get us to the finish line. It isnt who finishes the race first, its who understands what your racing for that wins.”

Answer #1

Agreed :) x

Answer #2

I Agree 100% on that once I trust someone they alway let me down at one point soo I agree!!!=]

Answer #3

well I partly agree with that, but I can trust some friends with my life… I’ve known them for a long time I honest to God I would. and I havee sum friends that I havnt known for a very long time and I trust them 100% aas they have shown me that they are up to those expectations.

Answer #4

woouu!! thatss a hell of a longg quesstion!!! but I just read the first few sentences and yea..u cant completely trust someone

Answer #5

I don’t completely agree with the first part: I think love and trust kinda have to go hand in hand, I mean, if you don’t trust someone, how are you going to give them your heart, ya know? but other than that, I agree. (and I like the last line.)

Answer #6

I agree

Answer #7

I cant trust anyone they always let me down

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