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I'm 100.4 pounds and 4'11". Is it healthy for me to be 92 pounds by May 30..I have a swim party to go to and I wanna look good in my new swimsuit.

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Yeah it's probably not healthy to crash diet like that, and most of the time when people do they just lose water weight. That doesn't end up changing your body shape really.

Personally I like rice in my diet, but I use brown rice.

For looking good in a short amount of time I would go with a "cutting" plan used by body builders. That means relatively light weight and high repetitions in a workout, think 15-20 tops. I would try short sprints instead of long distance runs. So maybe run 100m as fast as you can, walk/jog the next 100m then sprint the 3rd 100m and walk/job the next. Do that for 3-4 laps around the track instead of just jogging 4 laps. This would hopefully build some quick muscle, and kick start burning extra calories. you may not lose much of any weight, but hopefully it will make you look slimmer (if that is your desire). You could probably stick with a routine like that for most of summer.

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I used to go to Weight Watcher meeting & they advised that it was healthy to lose around 1-3lb per week!!! but everyone is different. Defo swimming & walking/running is ideal

Healthy weight loss?

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No its not

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No its not

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No its not

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