He's injecting.

NO like websites and stuff, I don't want to give him that. he won't look at it.

Okay right, my best friend said he's been smoking weed every night, then injecting. Its not the weed because I've had my experiences with it, and I know it isnt that serious. Its the injecting I'm worried sick about. I cant stop thinking about him and can't concentrate at school. he doesnt live that close though. I want to help him, with words, not websites and hotlines. Just friendly advice. His life has been sh*t atm and I know it has. Please help?

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He needs to seek help. Once you start sticking needles in your arm - you have hit rock bottom. I'm a recovering drug addict, I'm going to tell you now that there is nothing you can really say that will make him realize what he is doing. The people around me - tried everything they could think of. It took me hitting rock bottom and having a reason to live - in order to get sober. He has to come to terms with his own addictions and actually want to change. If he doesn't want to - then no amount of help will save him.

You can try talking to him, telling how much he's hurting you, how worried you are, etc. Dont be suprised if he get's mad at you though - that's how addicts work. All you can do is try - tell him how you feel and tell him he needs to get some help.

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