My tongue is still numb from a Novocaine injection?

Thursday morning my dentist injected novacaine to fix a cavity. Most of the numbing went away but the right side of my tongue is still affected. It feels like the side of my tongue is numb or tingling. The feeling is very hard to describe. I could describe it as tingling, burning, itching, numbness or the feeling you have after you burn your tongue on coffee. Most of the time it is quite uncomfortable, but at times, for no apparent reason, it can become almost unbearable. Sometimes I even think that maybe my tongue is swollen because I can feel the edges rubbing against the sides of my teeth, but it looks normal. I do not have slurred speech or hypersensitivity to acidic foods, mouthwash or toothpaste. I am told that the sensation that I continue to have is not from the dentist sticking my nerve with a needle because it’s moved and changed.

Please help.

Answer #1

I am so worry too because having Novocaine for a tooth, the dentist said it would take a while before my tongue gets bsck to normal. Is it normal after 3 months that I still do not feel my tongue, I have numbess, no taste on my left side, and it is still swollen.. but the dentist keeps saying that it takes a while before it gets back to normal…Right now, I am discouraged because I feel like an invalid. WHO WILL HELP ME ON THIS PLANET HEARTH!!!And who is able to tell me what to do unless you never experience what I feel. Thanks.

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