Am i prgnant? the signs but never missed injection except purposely

I have been on depo for about one year and so scared I pregnant lol all the kinds of symptoms but me and partner are pretty sure theres no way I could be as I never missed and injection and am just giving my body a break.. sore breasts nausea swollen stomach a bit etc.. have been pregnant before and same signs.. could the injection have failed or is it just the hormones?

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thanks I did a test and it was negative :) the doctors sed I cldnt get pregnant as was to good with my injection eg taking it each scheduled time etc and this time was only time purposefully missed.. hope im not too early

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like all birth controll its only 98%affective, depo only last like 11 months I've heard, are you shure you have never missed one shot???
all you can do at this point is get yourself tested for a pregnancy, thats the best you can do at this point

He's injecting.

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