having trouble talking!!

okay everytime my dad forces meh to tell me howifeelhe critisizes meh!! so nowheson meh case about not communicating with him. then he gets mad because I dont want to talk 2 him!!! I tolod himi dont feel comfy talking 2 him because of his reactions!! what should I do? shouldi talk 2 himmore or stop? tell me your opinion!! please and thx!! ~dena~

Answer #1

lolz its funny how I already tried dats stuff. I did that before and he said he doesnt want meh doin that anymore because of the lack of communication with our family so that wont work either!! but thx

Answer #2

mmm… but then hell start blaming and critisizing meh again and I dont want 2 hear that!! it doesnt fail er time I talk 2 him he doenst understand!! but thx anyway ill try

Answer #3

Write out exactly how you feel in a letter/note and give it to him - tell him why you felt the need to write it out and how you would like your relationship with him to be in the future - assure him when you do feel more comfortable coming to him, you will…don’t worry, things will get better !!

Answer #4

I think to become more comfy talking to him, maybe watch a movie together. And be like woah isn’t this a funny bit or ‘do you remember when’ etc

Then you will be talking about good stuff and it will become better to talk about more serious stuff.

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