Has God designed our personal future?

Has God designed our personal future? If so, why do we pray for change in circumstances?

Answer #1

Hey guru4god, that sounds like quantum mechanics: I am in New York to a degree, but I am also in Paris to a degree. Seems difficult to explain alright! You can’t have it both…

Answer #2

there! now it makes sense rickd! I have to admit…it was hard for me to follow your original post :( [and lol…I’m going to have to fun mail you :) ]

I like how rickd said that “if you feel God is no longer with you make no mistake, it is you that has moved.” that is sooo true. as human we are all incomplete. we are not whole, we are not perfect. but God is, and He is the immoveable one.

Answer #3

so…here’s what I know.

God developed a plan for each and every one of us. a righteous plan, but it’s up to us whether or not we follow it directely. obviously God wouldn’t have it in His plan for someone to become a drug addict…that’s us straying from the plan. the plan is “strait and narrow” and as humans we sometimes take detours from it. He gave us agency—free will to choose for ourselves who we want and will follow.

God knows each and every one of us quite closely and knows what’s best…

Answer #4

I agree on z last answer given wz some reservatios, GOD gave us a free will to have a vision, plan to achive it, ablity to work 4it and seeing it coming true. all we need is to belive zat he is z owner of avery blessed things in this world and ask a help to becom strong all z way

Answer #5

God gave us free will to decide what we want out of our lives. But I believe he knows what we will choose before we do.

Answer #6

I would like to think I don’t have my future all planned out and that I can change what happens to me.

I hope god does take my prayers into account

Answer #7

It is hard to explain but God knows all but does not force all. Your life could go from one point to another based on what you choose. It is both pre set to a degree and optional to a degree.

Answer #8

I think that god knows everything that’s going to happen to us before it happens!! And it scares me cause I don’t like to think that my life has already been planned out,but I think it has!God knows what’ll happen in my opinion because he created us and I think that only he knows our future!! Its a scary thing to think about…

Answer #9

In a way you can say he has. He knew us before we were born, knew how we were going to turn out, knitted us together in our mother’s womb, so technically I guess you can say yes, he made us the way we were, which raises a few other questions when you think of it.

Answer #10

hey thex13thxchild, I am curious about those questions that came up since you think about it…

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