Is God the first person?

So, God made the first people, right? But who made him? I mean, he can’t just like come out of nowhere.

Oh, I’m sorry if I offended some people.

Answer #1

You shouldn’t have to worry about offending someone, by asking a question.

However, this is one question, you more than likely will have to wait until you see him, to ask him that, as the rest of us, will have to do.

Answer #2

The Bible was written by men, so it’s irrelevant toward trying to understand any gods that might exist…which they don’t.

Answer #3

according to the bible… God has always been… it’s impossible to wrap your mind around… but that’s what it says… he wasn’t created, he’s just always “been”…

Answer #4

human cowards made up god… kinda like santa and jesus christ being reborn and all (well he could have been the FIRST ever zombie)

_> this is throwing ones self into the pit (radical religious one)

Answer #5

So, God made the first people, right?

Nobody knows… so you’ll have to settle for opinions and speculation…

Answer #6

Who knows? lol Its like the question, which came first, the chicken or the egg? Did God create man? Or did people create God?

Answer #7

I agree that man made God. Only man could come up with something so cruel

Answer #8

Haha, that’s what I say, people invented God.

Answer #9

Just my belief, yes, men wrote the Bible. But God inspired the authors to do it. and from the view of being a Christian, God was around before time. It’s kinda a hard concept to grasp, but I believe God was always here, before time and space.

Answer #10

Actually, you’ve got it backwards. People made God.

Answer #11

If you’re looking for an actual answer, you won’t get it. lol

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