Hard riddle very hard riddle

3 men want a hotal room for the night each payed $10 per room = $30 total the manger said you charged to much the manger gave $5 to bob (the kid at the booth) bob did not know how to split $5 between 3 so he put $2 in his pocket and gave $1 to each of the 3 men so each man payed $9 for the room. $9 times 3= 27+the $2 bob has = 29

Where did the last doller go?

Answer #1

How is there only 3 men getting a hotel room then 4 of them getting the money back?

Answer #2

Nowhere…5 off the total price of 30 is 25 add the 3 dollars bob give back plus the 2 he kept is 30??? thats is a good one!

Answer #3

The Answer is the question

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