hard riddle

sun if your mom and sun of your brother ,, and I not your sister and not your brother who ami ?

Answer #1

the answer is me ,, anyway , I made a mistake ,, it should have been

son of you dad , and son of your mother ,, , not your sister and not your brother ,, who is that persopn

Answer #2

your nephew

Answer #3

brother or sister inlaw? Somwthing in law? I don’t know

Answer #4

You’re me. The adopted son of my brother who raised me after my mom died?

(what a bizzare riddle)

Answer #5

lol I meant son ,, as in a child ,, damn I feel so dumb lll

Answer #6

whats the answer???

Answer #7

I dont even get the riddle.

Answer #8

I’m guessing dad

Answer #9

I dont get it :p im slow lol

Answer #10


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