Do you think hard liquor should be sold on Sundays?

Answer #1

sure.. why not? sunday is just like every other day..

Answer #2

Yes, I think it’s 100% fine to sell it on a Sunday. I don’t think I’d recommend people consume it on a Sunday, though, if they have to be at work or school the following day. Alcohol tends to be a body stressor, which usually ends up making people feel less than great the next day. I know it makes me feel quite sluggish the next day, lol.

Answer #3

Is it not sold cuz its the lord’s day? Or for some other reason?

Answer #4

I think it is a right to purchase any day any time. I however, out of my own morals believe that Bars should be closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Answer #5

It is sold on Sundays here…the liquor store is open 7 days a week.

Answer #6

Sunday is just another day. Laws that prevent alcohol being sold for religious reasons are unconstitutional.

Answer #7

Why should bars and pubs be closed on sunday? Not everyone is relgious, and Sunday is just like any other day.

Answer #8

Let me get this straight, they allow beer and stuff to be sold, but not the hard stuff? God’s got a selective bias? Lol, I think the whole thing is ridiculous, but there are far more ridiculous things about conservatives, so whatever…

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