Is hard alcohol on it's own any worse for you than mixing it in a drink?

For example, if you were to be having Scotch on the rocks, or vodka shots, would that be any worse than say, the same amount of alcohol mixed in a drink?

Answer #1

I think mixing it is better because at least you are getting some nutrients…for example a screwdriver is ORANGE JUICE and some alchohol…

Answer #2

All your doing is diluting it, the same amount of alcohol still enters your body but just with a lot more liquid i.e rum and coke

Answer #3

Oh…yeah I guess you are right…

Answer #4

Its not any worse for you, but it tends to be more dangerous that way. When people drink liquor straight and take shots they tend to over indulge or drink too fast causing hangovers, dehydration, and even worse alcohol poisoning. Usually when its a mixed drink people take more time drinking them and more time passes in between each drink. It all depends on the person though and whether they can control themselves.

Answer #5

When I’m drinking, I’m not really looking for nutrients. I just find that I sometimes prefer to sip hard alcohol rather than mixing it and was wondering if it had any different effects.

Answer #6

Not really. The thing with hard alcohol is that it tends to hit the stomach a little harder and enter the blood stream a little quicker. It is a little easier to get alcohol poisoning. But really at the end of the day, if you’re drinking the same amount of alcohol at the same pace, it isnt that big of a difference.

Answer #7

Alright. I don’t tend to overdo hard alcohol, I was just wondering if there were any different long term effects in terms of the same amounts of alcohol mixed and not mixed.

Answer #8

when you mix alcohol into a drink, the alcohol gets slightly more balanced out by the non-alcoholic beverage it is being mixed with. really, its not any better or worse for you, it’ll just take you a little longer to feel the effects

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