What do you think about what's happening in Gaza?

what do you think a bout what is happining right now in gaza (palastine) do you think its fair?? kids dying at the age of (2 )days old and mounths ,pregnant womens and sooo on …and we are dancing eating in the most expensive resturant and they dont have bread to eat and water to drink god I am scared of the god punshing us for that . do you know that scientist said there is 6 new disaster is coming towards america wow .just like the prophet mohamad (peace be upon him) said :god gives time but never forget…

Answer #1

What??!!! defend their selves from who!!!? they are the one who is shooting them and to get them out of their own home .By the way do you watch news?? and are u jewish??

Answer #2

that place is a whole sh*tstorm. Gaza could not control the militants in its own country, and the news said the militants opened fire upon Isreal first, they didn’t have much of an option. But they do need to be more careful

Answer #3

No, I think what’s happening in Gaza was their own fault. Israel has a right to defend itself and there wasn’t much they could do short of invading.

Answer #4

I firmly believe that it is part of the last days prophecy

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