What happened to winning on the merits ?

I’ve read from several sources that Hillary holds a ‘file’ of ‘scandalous information’ on Barack Obama which she is promising not to use (for now) for the sake of a unified party heading into the general election - What happened to winning on the merits of your own platform against your opponents for the benefit of the country ?

Answer #1

I think if her intentions were pure, she never would have even mentioned the file (assuming it’s real). This doesn’t make her look very good in my eyes.

Answer #2

I think this is the same thing as the republicans promoting Guiliani as the “major of 9/11” and leveraging the worst terrorist attack on American soil to drive home his presidential hopes.

Every candidate plays dirty ;) I only hope that they play less dirty than the murdering family of the current president…it’s shameful, really. Isn’t this the first time both the wife & daughter of a president have killed people?

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