What would happen to life if there were no Sandflies (sandfleas, no-see-em)?

Answer #1

Then an evening at the beach would be a lot better, without having to worry about the itching and bumps after wards.

Answer #2

Yep but how else would you get to see me dancing at the beach. Damn Sandflies! lol

Answer #3

Maybe the food chain might be upset making more species extinct.

Answer #4

Thought about that…frogs and other fly eating animals but would it really matter. Never saw anybody do a documentary on the importance them.

Answer #5

I agree. No sand fleas/flies whatever the whole ecosystem falls apart because they are somebody’s food. It’s a flea eats flea world out there, watch your back!

Answer #6

crabs, frogs,fish and toads eat sand flies. early humans ate crabs, frogs fish and toads regularly. ie no sand flies no humans. every thing plays a part.

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